Everyday Adventures: For the Love of Dogs

Five years ago my family blackmailed me into getting a dog. They threatened me with a rabbit. If I didn’t cave on the dog, we would have a long-eared carrot chomper stinking up a cage in my daughter’s bedroom.  I wasn’t about to let that happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see aContinue reading “Everyday Adventures: For the Love of Dogs”

Graceful and Inspired: Glass artist Paige Kissinger

Overflowing with bright energy and flair, Paige Kissinger welcomes visitors into her Sellersburg “villa” in Clark County with stories about her home’s unique history. This graceful and inspired space — with some of the earmarks of an art gallery — “was once a chicken coop,” Kissinger said gleefully. “My late father, Robert Allen Kissinger, anContinue reading “Graceful and Inspired: Glass artist Paige Kissinger”

H & R Bakery: SoIN Favorite moves to Salem Square

When Duane and Juanita Daugherty bought H&R Bakery in 2000, they acquired a Salem landmark. Now, they’re adding their own bit of history by moving the bakery to town square. Duane said he always wanted to run his own business — his mother and grandmother were bakers for a living for a combined total ofContinue reading “H & R Bakery: SoIN Favorite moves to Salem Square”