Spring Cleaning I should have never used the pressure washer. Sure, the vinyl siding on the north end of my house was starting to look like a swamp, and yes, the pressure washer was just sitting in my shed collecting dust. But once I started down that road there was no going back. I’d hadContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


Corydon’s Old Capitol Furniture offers unique style A second store just kind of happened for Kim Blumenstock, who also owns TK Wholesale in Corydon. When things seemed to align, she opened Old Capitol Home Furnishings in November 2022. “We had some problems getting furniture from our regular distributor at TK,” she said. “People were alwaysContinue reading “FASHIONABLE FURNISHING”


Celebrating the harvest at the Star Valley Strawberry Festival Mark your calendar for the 2023 Annual Star Valley Strawberry Festival, brought to you by Telemedia, on Saturday, May 27th from 10 am to 9 pm at Borden Community Park! This year’s festival will be bigger & better, making use of both sides of the parkContinue reading “THE BERRY BEST DAY”


The Watercolors of Jasper Artist Myra Schuetter Watercolor artist Myra Schuetter grew up in Jasper in Dubois County deeply connected to that county’s German Catholic heritage. “My parents – the Schillings – moved to Jasper in the 1940s, just after they were married. My late father worked for Jasper Table Company as a finisher, joiningContinue reading “ARTISTIC REFLECTIONS”


Feline Forte Everyone in my family plays an instrument except for me and the dog. My wife and oldest daughter play the violin. My youngest daughter plays the flute and guitar, and a few months ago our cat started playing the piano. Actually he learned it from my youngest who had taken up piano alongContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


Celebrating the beauty of spring with the Orleans Dogwood Festival Lovingly referenced as the front porch of Orange County, with the slogan to “Come Sit Awhile”, the small, quaint town of Orleans founded in 1815 is one where you’ll feel that hometown charm each and every time you visit. For the past 52 years, theContinue reading “HOMETOWN CHARM”


Family-owned farm in scenic Washington County is one of Indiana’s largest producers of maple syrup In late winter, when the nights are still bitterly cold, but the days are bright, reaching 45 to 50 degrees, the folks at LM Sugarbush LLC – a family farm in scenic Washington County – begin their labor-intensive process ofContinue reading “CRAFTING MAPLE SYRUP”

Delivering Hope

Wigs by Kim Transforms lives Twenty-five years ago, Kim Fessel embarked on a career path born out of necessity, one that would eventually change her life, as well as the lives of many others she would meet. At the time, Fessel was searching for work that would not only help to support her family, butContinue reading “Delivering Hope”


A Tale of Two Tables I like to make fake stuff. Over the last couple of years I’ve built a fake tree, cave, fishing boat, house, stable, manger, city gate, castle, throne, temple, ark and movie theater lobby among other things. It’s amazing what you can do with wood, foam, paint and a little imagination.Continue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


Orange County Historical Society celebrates the season An old-fashioned Christmas is something many of us have yearned for, having heard echoes of a time when the most-celebrated holiday of the year was simpler and — perhaps — more heartfelt than in today’s busy and commercialized world. The Christmases of our ancestors were a time forContinue reading “OLD-FASHIONED FUN”