Spring Cleaning I should have never used the pressure washer. Sure, the vinyl siding on the north end of my house was starting to look like a swamp, and yes, the pressure washer was just sitting in my shed collecting dust. But once I started down that road there was no going back. I’d hadContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


Feline Forte Everyone in my family plays an instrument except for me and the dog. My wife and oldest daughter play the violin. My youngest daughter plays the flute and guitar, and a few months ago our cat started playing the piano. Actually he learned it from my youngest who had taken up piano alongContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


A Tale of Two Tables I like to make fake stuff. Over the last couple of years I’ve built a fake tree, cave, fishing boat, house, stable, manger, city gate, castle, throne, temple, ark and movie theater lobby among other things. It’s amazing what you can do with wood, foam, paint and a little imagination.Continue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


Thanksgiving Helper I almost got fired last Thanksgiving. Or killed. Or maybe both. It was really my wife’s fault. She is an incredible cook, and at Thanksgiving, she goes all out. I cook the turkey, and she and my daughters make a ton of delicious side dishes and desserts for our family. It’s a greatContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


Pumpkin Palooza I was unlocking my front door when I spotted a dark object out of the corner of my eye. Someone had placed a new sign on our porch. It was black with only two words written in white, cursive script. It said, “Hello, pumpkin.” Uh oh, I thought. It has begun. You see,Continue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


The Wisdom of Preschoolers There are two kinds of people in life: those who avoid sprinklers and those who run right through them.  Normally I’m an avoid-the-sprinkler kind of guy, but when my youngest daughter was three, we spent the summer looking for sprinklers every time we went on a walk.  The first time itContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


I once got fired for making a birthday cake. Actually, it wasn’t just one cake, but a handful of cakes that did me in. It may have been the seven layer number that finally pushed it over the edge, but I think it really started with the first one, the princess cake. See, my daughterContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: TAKING THE CAKE”


The best part of any wedding is watching the ring bearer and flower girl. These kids have the potential to take an event that requires months of planning, and the investment of thousands of dollars, and turn it into sheer chaos.  No matter how well-behaved a child is under normal circumstances, all bets are offContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: YOUNG LOVE”


In my house, I’m the return guy. My wife loves to shop, but she hates returning things. Oh sure, she can handle online returns. Just slap a label on it and drop it in the mail. Easy peasy. But in-person returns? In the store? With real, live people? That’s another matter entirely. I can’t sayContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: THE RETURN GUY”


Our church’s children’s ministry needed a manger for baby Jesus for an upcoming Bible story.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have much money to spend on it.  We looked online, hoping we could find a deal, but mangers are pricey these days, so I volunteered to throw one together.  My version might not be awesome, but atContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: DIY Nativity”