Trails of SoIN: Four Local Favorites

Cityscapes, wilderness adventures and some history lessons make up the beauty of Southern Indiana’s options for trails — paved and wooded. Lace up the running, trail or cycling shoes. Everyday sneakers will work magic for the soul as well. Getting outside for fresh air and freeing the spirit and mind is becoming more commonplace. ExplorersContinue reading “Trails of SoIN: Four Local Favorites”

The Old Capitol Herb Garden: An Outdoor Sanctuary

The streets of downtown Corydon, like the streets of cities and towns across the world, were strangely quiet and empty during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The usual hum of public life tapered off to essential business and some outdoor activities.  Among those who could safely perform their jobs in the open air ofContinue reading “The Old Capitol Herb Garden: An Outdoor Sanctuary”

Everyday Adventures: Life in Tandem

When my youngest daughter was five, we bought her a tagalong bicycle that hooked to the back of my bike. This made it easy to take long rides as a family without wearing her out.  The tagalong just had one wheel and its own chain so it didn’t matter if she pedaled or not.  ItContinue reading “Everyday Adventures: Life in Tandem”

Learning to Cope: A Walk in the Woods

As I head over the hill behind my house, I am thankful for my daily walk. I am always grateful for this time, but as our country faces its current health and economic crisis, I am even more so. I put one foot in front of the other and move on. There is a greatContinue reading “Learning to Cope: A Walk in the Woods”

Everyday Adventures: Brick by Brick

Last summer Lowes put their bricks on sale, and it almost killed me. We had a cracked concrete patio that didn’t look so hot, but my wife had found a DIY site that showed how you could brick over it and transform it into a backyard paradise. It was just laying bricks on sand. HowContinue reading “Everyday Adventures: Brick by Brick”

Out and About: Top Five Spring Activities in SoIN

Here are my top five things to check out this spring in Southern Indiana. A few of them I have visited before, but the others are all on my calendar for March and April. Check out the info below to see some ideas for family trips, date days or just a fun weekend idea. No.Continue reading “Out and About: Top Five Spring Activities in SoIN”

A Food Truck Family

Food, family and friendship are what the Herberts are all about.  Jazmin and Mitch Herbert have been running Bert’s Quality Provisions since June 2019.  Although Mitch always had a long list of side projects, he never imagined he’d end up in the food truck business. “My primary career has been in health care administration –Continue reading “A Food Truck Family”

Everyday Adventures: Farsighted Faith

I used to think childhood was the most adventurous season of life until I hit middle age. Boy, was I wrong. Once your forties roll around, it’s all fun and games. For instance, every morning when I work out, I play a game called, “What Will Hurt Next?” Will I strain a deltoid? Pull aContinue reading “Everyday Adventures: Farsighted Faith”

Everyday Adventures: For the Love of Dogs

Five years ago my family blackmailed me into getting a dog. They threatened me with a rabbit. If I didn’t cave on the dog, we would have a long-eared carrot chomper stinking up a cage in my daughter’s bedroom.  I wasn’t about to let that happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see aContinue reading “Everyday Adventures: For the Love of Dogs”