Local coffee shops offer the perfect fall outing

Mickey’s Coffee Shop in New Albany, IN is also a used book store

If you’re like me, you think that some of the best things about fall is that there are so many things to do in the community, the weather is perfect and we get to enjoy some seasonal treats. Pumpkin picking, Halloween events and hayrides are a few of the activities available, but if you’re just looking for a place to enjoy the atmosphere, catch up with a friend or cozy up with a good book while enjoying something delicious to warm you up, then you should check out these three local shops for a calming and fun fall outing.

They provide not only a yummy beverage, but they each offer something else to keep you entertained. You’re also shopping local when you support any of these businesses, which is an added bonus.

Pearl Street Game and Coffee House, Jeffersonville, Indiana

This coffee house is all about nerd culture. When you enter the shop, you’ll be greeted by shelves of books, board games and cases of Magic the Gathering cards. Known to host occasional Dungeons and Dragons nights, this shop knows its games. Housed in a historic home right on Pearl Street, next to the equally delicious Pearl Street Taphouse, you’ll be able to find a variety of coffee and tea flavors. Pearl Street uses local roasters, so you’re supporting multiple local businesses by ordering there.

I ordered the Salted Caramel Macchiato this time around and the blend of sweet caramel and crunches of sea salt were perfect, with a hint of coffee greeting you at the end. They also offer teas, smoothies and espressos.

Outside of D&D nights, they also have movie nights, Magic tournaments, book signings and more. They have seasonal flavors as well, so don’t forget to see what they’re offering this fall, plus they just expanded their space in July and have plenty of room for more patrons.

Mickey’s, New Albany, Indiana

If you ever went to McQuixote’s in Louisville, you will recognize Mickey. McQuixote’s recently closed and he has now opened residence in New Albany with the aptly named Mickey’s Coffee Shop. The special thing about Mickey’s is, like its predecessor, it’s a used bookstore as well. You’ll find walls of bookshelves with works from authors across all genres. I have found some of my favorite Neil Gaiman books there as well as a couple literary classics for low prices.

They have unique flavors of coffee and tea and serve pastries and small sandwiches, so it’s a great place to meet for coffee and a grab a quick snack. As a bonus, it’s a beautiful storefront on Vincennes Street with a mural covering the entire side of the building, which is perfect for a fall photo spot, and they have outdoor seating if you want to people-watch while you sip.

True North Coffee House, New Albany, Indiana

True North Boutique has been in New Albany for several years now, but they just recently acquired Quill’s Coffee, creating True North Coffee House. They still serve Quill’s branded coffee  and they have a variety of new flavors, such as the one I got – lavender honey latte.

The shop is located on Market Street in the alley to the left of True North. When you walk in, you will get a taste of True North owner Michelle Ryan’s design – a calming, comforting boho/vintage combo. With plants hanging from the ceiling, tufted chairs and a wall lined with bright windows, you will feel right at home as you enjoy one of their seasonal coffees or teas.

The great thing about this shop is that you can walk right around the corner to enjoy the boutique. It has a variety of local artists’ handmade goods – woodworking, candles, jewelry, clothing, décor and more. Like the other shops mentioned, you’re not just supporting one local business, but many local artisans and business owners all in one visit.

As you venture out this fall, consider stopping by one of these local joints and trying something new. Each place has its own personality and you won’t be disappointed by the friendliness, flavor and community. 

For more info, menus and shop hours, visit the store facebook pages at,, and  Don’t forget to tell them we sent you!

Story and Photos Darian Decker

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