In my house, I’m the return guy. My wife loves to shop, but she hates returning things. Oh sure, she can handle online returns. Just slap a label on it and drop it in the mail. Easy peasy. But in-person returns? In the store? With real, live people? That’s another matter entirely. I can’t sayContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: THE RETURN GUY”


Engleking pharmacy offers a personal touch When Ryan and Tina Engleking opened Engleking Rx in Marengo, they knew that establishing a personal touch with customers was critical to its success. That was the model they had followed at their Mitchell pharmacy that was established in 2017, and it has succeeded beyond their expectations. Ryan EnglekingContinue reading “FAMILY-OWNED & LOCAL”


Local Artist, Brian Jones, develops his own monolith printing technique Secluded in the middle of a dense forest in eastern Harrison County, the home and studio of printmaker and painter Brian Jones seems like the perfect refuge for an artist who describes his recent work as “rooted in the colors, textures, smells and sounds ofContinue reading “CONTEMPLATIVE ART”