The Watercolors of Jasper Artist Myra Schuetter Watercolor artist Myra Schuetter grew up in Jasper in Dubois County deeply connected to that county’s German Catholic heritage. “My parents – the Schillings – moved to Jasper in the 1940s, just after they were married. My late father worked for Jasper Table Company as a finisher, joiningContinue reading “ARTISTIC REFLECTIONS”


Feline Forte Everyone in my family plays an instrument except for me and the dog. My wife and oldest daughter play the violin. My youngest daughter plays the flute and guitar, and a few months ago our cat started playing the piano. Actually he learned it from my youngest who had taken up piano alongContinue reading “EVERYDAY ADVENTURES”


Celebrating the beauty of spring with the Orleans Dogwood Festival Lovingly referenced as the front porch of Orange County, with the slogan to “Come Sit Awhile”, the small, quaint town of Orleans founded in 1815 is one where you’ll feel that hometown charm each and every time you visit. For the past 52 years, theContinue reading “HOMETOWN CHARM”